GNSS Test Operations Engineer at Swift Navigation
San Francisco, CA, US
Swift Navigation is looking for a GNSS Test Operations Engineer to run our test campaigns. You will work with a small team to push the state of the art in satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning ubiquitous and easy to use across a wide variety of industries and applications in unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, and autonomous transportation.

As a member of the infrastructure/testing team, you'll contribute to infrastructure and test campaigns supporting validation of our Piksi Multi GNSS receiver:

Implementation and tooling. We build many of our own tools and infrastructure for prototyping, testing, validating, and benchmarking algorithms on our current and next-generation receivers. You'll work together with the our engineering teams on ensuring quick, transparent experimentation and high-quality test coverage across many real-world use cases.

Test campaigns. Ensuring GNSS receiver quality requires in depth test campaigns compromising many different types of testing - including automated testing, manual testing on foot, manual testing in a vehicle, testing using simulators, and various corner cases. You'll work with the testing team and other engineering teams to ensure test campaigns are executed in a rigorous and timely manner, and the results are visible across the company.

Job responsibilities will include:

Designing and building testing rigs (mechanical/electrical/software) to support validation, demonstration, and testing of our products
Conducting data collection for GNSS and GPS test operations on foot and in test vehicles
Running test campaigns in advance of hardware/firmware releases
Conducting ongoing testing to support the engineering team
Maintaining and stocking Swift lab supplies including cables, wires, soldering supplies and fasteners

Experience with any of the following would make a candidate especially qualified for this role:

GNSS/GPS receiver testing
Experience with autonomous systems such as drones or ground robotics
Previous work as an engineering technician or tester
Mechanical or electrical design experience
Experience writing software or software scripting
Cable assembly and fabrication (serial, usb, canbus, ethernet, coaxial)
Common lab tools like oscilloscopes, cable testers, bench power supplies, cable crimpers
Soldering and PCB repair
Hobby/RC equipment

Swift Navigation is universal high-accuracy positioning for machine automation and data collection. We are venture funded, recently won the Qualcomm QPrize, and have a fantastic slate of customers. We offer unlimited vacation days, competitive salary, mentorship connections, and tech talks to push the professional growth of all our employees. Come join us!