Head of GNSS Receiver QA at Swift Navigation
San Francisco, CA, US
Swift Navigation is looking for a Head of GNSS Receiver Quality Assurance. You will work with a small team to push the state of the art in satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning ubiquitous and easy to use across a wide variety of industries and applications in unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, and autonomous transportation.

As a head of test infrastructure and testing campaigns, you'll own the quality of our Piksi Multi GNSS receiver and other GNSS receiver products. This includes:

Implementation and tooling. We build many of our own tools and infrastructure for prototyping, testing, validating, and benchmarking algorithms on our current and next-generation receivers. You'll work to provide transparent experimentation and high-quality test coverage across many real-world use cases.

Test campaigns. Ensuring GNSS receiver quality requires in depth test campaigns compromising many different types of testing - including automated testing, manual testing on foot, manual testing in a vehicle, testing using simulators, and various corner cases. You'll ensure test campaigns are executed in a rigorous and timely manner, and the results are visible across the company.

Job responsibilities will include:

Leading test campaigns in advance of hardware/firmware releases
Managing development of automated test infrastructure / tooling
Managing ongoing testing efforts to inform engineering development
Configuring automated test infrastructure to prevent regressions during development
Managing test infrastructure and test campaign teams

Prior experience should include:

GNSS receiver work in a QA, engineering, or applications role
People management