Computer Vision Engineer at Marble
San Francisco, CA, US
Who we are
We are a scrappy early-stage robotics startup based in San Francisco. We design, build, and operate autonomous urban delivery robots. In San Francisco alone, hundreds of thousands of packages are delivered every day. Over half of the world’s population lives in cities at least this big. Robotic delivery will improve reliability and drastically reduce the cost of delivery, touching the lives of billions of people and ultimately transforming how the world works. Our team is small and we’re moving lightning fast to create the world’s first fleet of autonomous delivery robots to solve this Earth-scale problem.
- Project or real-world experience with field-deployed planning systems on a mobile robot or other substantial system
- Fluency in C / C++
- Demonstrated ability to create realtime motion planning algorithms
- Understanding of a variety of planning techniques (A*, D*, RRTs, etc.)
- Extensive experience with programming and algorithm design
Bonus Points
- Masters or PhD in computer science or related degree
- Significant contributions to geometric- and/or sampling-based planning algorithms
- Experience with autonomous robots
- Knowledge of computer vision techniques and machine learning
- Experience with pose estimation, SLAM, probabilistic filtering, and 3D data
- Competitive salary and benefits (health / dental / vision)
-Optional 401K Plan
- Generous early-stage equity
- Work with state of the art hardware
- Be at ground zero of the robot revolution