Technical Writer at Spire
Glasgow, SC
As a technical writer for the Spire Space Program, you will work alongside the engineering team to develop, foster and maintain the engineering documentation process. You will help write and edit technical papers, design documents, manuals, operating instructions etc. The topics will be widespread throughout our technology stack and can range from satellite hardware subsystems to our end user product interfaces.


♦ Develop and maintain the documentation process for Spire
♦ Review and provide feedback on technical content, including design documentation, manufacturing and test instructions, operations manuals, API docs etc.
♦ Work with engineers and SMEs to create and compile technically accurate content
♦ Curate the Spire Engineering Wiki
♦ Maintain and enforce use of document templates to ensure consistency across the organization
♦ Develop strategies with engineering leaders to document existing systems
♦ Act as quality control gate for engineering documentation

Candidates must:

♦ Be able to create, assimilate, and convey technical material in a concise and effective manner
♦ Be comfortable working with a wide range of technical disciplines to convey a consistent tone and style across the organization
♦ Be able to juggle multiple simultaneous projects
♦ Have extensive experience with writing technical papers, manuals, instructions
♦ Have experience working closely with technical engineering teams
♦ Have experience working with wiki-based documentation systems

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

♦ Experience working with dokuwiki, Lucidchart, and Google Docs.
♦ Experience working with a Google Drive-based documentation system
♦ Experience with building and maintaining a documentation process