Ground Station Field Engineer at Spire
Boulder, CO, US
As Field Engineer, you will play a key role in building, installing and maintaining our global network of ground stations for communication with our growing fleet of CubeSats in the UHF and S-Band frequencies.

Candidates must have experience with the following:

♦ Field support and project leadership
♦ Debugging complex electrical and mechanical systems
♦ Debugging user-reported issues
♦ Working knowledge of Linux/Unix
♦ Working knowledge of networking infrastructure (switches, fiber, ethernet, POE)
♦ Installing/maintaining server rack equipment
♦ RF test equipment (spectrum analyzers, vector analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc)
♦ Knowledge of best practices for maintaining systems deployed in extreme environments (hot and cold)
♦ Ability to create and test electrical cabling (RF, ethernet, control cables)
♦ Willingness to travel up to 50% of time
♦ Willingness to support systems in extreme conditions (from the arctic to the desert)

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

♦ Experience working with Satcom terminals
♦ Experience with RF equipment operating from 400 MHz to 18 GHz
♦ Experience with antenna positioning systems

Objectives include:

♦ Develop a comprehensive understanding of the hardware and software components in the current ground stations. Also develop an understanding of the ground station network architecture and the associated rollout plan for future ground stations. Deploy and maintain ground stations on an aggressive schedule to meet business objectives.Assemble ground station enclosures and install waterproof bulkhead connectors. Install rack-mount hardware and establish all electrical and RF connections. Debug configuration issues as necessary. Standardize the assembly and maintenance process.
♦ Assess potential ground station sites for viability by surveying for physical obstructions and RF interference at each location. Demonstrate the ability to use a spectrum analyzer and SDR in the field to collect and analyze measurements in the desired frequency bands. Perform preliminary analysis and communicate results to the RF design team.
♦ Debug ground station issues reported by the operations team. Repair hardware in the field as necessary. Develop preventative maintenance plan and maintain a record of component failures. Work with technicians at the host site to perform minor repairs.
♦ Demonstrate a methodical approach to system maintenance activities and maintain a clean and organized workspace.