Robotic Systems Engineer at RavenOps
San Francisco, CA, US
About Us:

Picture dozens of flying micro-drones and robotic crawlers working together to complete complex tasks.

RavenOps builds heterogeneous robotic swarms to address billion-dollar challenges in industry. We take advantage of swarm dynamics to make our systems scalable, flexible, and robust. That way, they can handle the most difficult use-case as efficiently as the simplest.

About the Role:

We're looking for a talented roboticist who can take the state-of-the-art in localization and mapping and distribute it across the swarm. How does each unit understand the world? How does that scale up to the swarm-level? How does the system fuse all of that data?

What You'll Do:

Achieve robust localization. Our swarms operate in complex environments without the use of GPS, but having multiple devices offers unique solutions to the localization problem. You'll work with everything from SLAM and computer vision, to acoustics and RF to build a system that can go anywhere and be robust. (Related Skills: SLAM, Computer Vision, State Estimation)

Build multi-sensor maps with data from multiple robots. Many of our early applications involve building very detailed maps of our operating environment and presenting them in a format conducive to further analysis. Combine data from across the swarm to create a single, unified representation of the world. (Related Skills: SLAM, Photogrametry, 3D Reconstruction)

Be the bridge between our Swarm Dynamics and Flight Hardware teams. Our Swarm Dynamics Team works out the algorithms needed for an effective swarm, while the Flight Hardware Team builds and programs the drones that can execute it. We need you to be the glue that keeps those teams aligned by working on both sides of simulation and on-device implementation. (Related Skills: Embedded Development in C, Algorithms)

Explore novel sensors. We're always looking for new sensor technologies that we can use in unique ways, particularly when they're smaller, lighter, and more power efficient. Help us experiment with various sensors. Use your creativity to find new ways to get the most out of them. (Related Skills: Sensor Integration, Data Filtering and Analysis)

Be ready to learn. As a small team, everybody has the opportunity to tackle different challenges and go where the work is. Sometimes we'll need you to work on something different than you're used to, or to solve a problem in an unfamiliar domain. (Related Skills: Self-Directed Learning, Problem Solving)


Master's Degree or higher in Robotics, Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, or a related field.
B.S. considered with substantive related work experience.
Strong developer skills are required. You must be able to write deployable implementations of your solutions.