Senior Software Engineer at Spire
Working on our satellites offers software developers a chance to interact with the fullest of stacks, and this position can be customized to fit a variety of experiences and skill sets. As a Spacecraft Software Developer you will be working on the satellites and their terrestrial communication relays. You will have the opportunity to work on various parts of the stack including:

✓ Implementing real-time digital signal processing algorithms for GNSS and testing them on a custom embedded board
implementing/Testing the onboard data handling architecture with coordination with other payloads and the satellite bus.
✓ Implementing/testing low-level data transfer and processing functions that interact with the FPGA, RF front end, and peripheral sensors.
✓ Supporting the on-ground testing campaign through the documentation / execution / analysis / debug phases.
✓ Supporting commissioning and operation of payload after launch.
✓ Validating on-orbit performance of the payload by analyzing observation data and satellite telemetry.

Qualifications / Experience:

✓ Five or more years of hands-on experience working with C/C++ on large-scale software projects
✓ Familiarity with Linux, and system profiling tools like ptrace or strace
✓ Strong data analysis skills (statistics, hypothesis testing, data visualization)
✓ A detail-oriented personality; careful, methodological, and persistent in tracking down problems
✓ Motivation for contributing to the development of a payload instrument that collects RO weather data

Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

✓ Experience designing an embedded Linux system, by using e.g. Buildroot / Yocto, or by customizing an existing distribution, and familiarity with bootloaders such as U-boot
✓ Experience with designing or implementing GNSS / GPS / GPS-RO / GNSS-R systems
✓ Experience with any field related to radio science, eg, RF design, EMI diagnosis/mitigation, etc.
✓ Experience with FPGA / digital circuit design
✓ Experience with Bash, Python, Ruby, Matlab, and / or Octave
✓ Experience writing and / or troubleshooting Linux driver / Linux kernel code
✓ Experience of developing spacecraft payload / bus components
✓ Experience in systems engineering, covering the design, implementation, verification, and operation phases