Computer Vision Engineer at FieldVision
San Francisco, CA, US

We're looking for an incredible Computer Vision Engineer to join our early team.

At FieldVision, we're building the future of sports video using Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Our cameras can automatically film any team sport and our mobile and web apps let any coach or parent instantly watch, edit, and share in real time.

Why? Sports is a religion — there's simply nothing else like it.

There are millions of teams across the world who film their games, and they all have the same problems: they find a human to record their games , transfer the footage to a thumb drive and then figure out how to upload and share it (if they get that far). Just to get raw footage on the internet is hours of investment, and that's without actually cutting the video up to make something useful out of it.

You'll help build the foundation of our computer vision infrastructure. You'll have full ownership over the projects you choose to work on, whether that's using deep learning to detect highlights or using CNN's to read the numbers off player jerseys.


Computer Vision, Deep Learning
$100K – $140K 
0.5% – 1.0%
Visa Sponsorship
Not available

Come work on the future of sports and tech with us!