Software Engineer, Infrastructure & Systems at Spire
San Francisco, CA, US | Luxembourg
Spire’s Space Program operates a large and rapidly expanding constellation of 40+ satellites and 20+ ground stations. The company owns the entire stack from custom hardware to customer APIs.

What we offer:

Develop data products that have a strong social impact: weather monitoring, ship and aircraft tracking, and more.
Join a team that is unusually deep and broad: backend web services, distributed and embedded systems, electrical and mechanical engineering, RF, DSP, AI/ML, etc.
It’s a space program. Write code that runs on the ground and in orbit.
Our San Francisco office offers a great environment for doing technical work.
You get to work on technical problems that are different from your average web app.

Responsibilities of your role:

Satellite and ground station tasking
Data processing
Satellite checkout
Backend services for the data pipelines

Qualifications / Experience:

Have good taste: see the big patterns and instinctively know the right way to do things.
Software development experience or equivalent skill level.
Domain flexibility, good communication skills, and preference for simple, robust solutions.
Experience with interpreted and system languages (such as Python, C, Go).
Experience with distributed systems.
Strong understanding of algorithms and data structures.