Embedded Software Engineer at Camp Six Labs
Santa Cruz, CA, US | San Francisco, CA, US

Our embedded software engineer will be responsible for designing, programming and testing the onboard flight controller of our vehicle. An ideal candidate is obsessed with quality, reliability and safety, excited to see their code at work in the air, comfortable with the full ownership of a firmware / hardware stack. They also enjoy working in a small and agile team of passionate people with different expertise.

In the first month you will: 
- Meet the team and the aircraft 
- Participate in flight testing as ground crew 
- Lead the choice of flight controller hardware for the first commercial generation 
- Design the general software architecture with redundancy and handover schemes

In the third month you will: 
- Have successfully implemented and tested a bare-bones flight controller with basic autopilot and communications capabilities 
- Have designed or have supervised the design of the onboard electronic boards 
- Have seen your autopilot code working on a real test flight

In the sixth month you will: 
- Have successfully implemented and tested the software redundancy schemes and emergency procedures necessary for highly reliable operations 
- Have incorporated sensors to monitor the health of the onboard electrical and mechanical systems 
- Actively support the testing campaign

In the first year you will: 
- Support deployment teams for our first commercial operations 
- Chaperon your code on tens of aircrafts delivering vital goods to customers

Required experience and skills: 
- Extensive experience designing, implementing, testing and pushing embedded software into production and operations. This also includes design of failsafe and emergency procedures, sensor filtering and failure detection 
- Advanced C++ and MCU programming skills 
- Experience with code reviews, unit testing, version control and collaborative coding methods 
- Experience with architectural design of avionic systems, including multiple redundancy and choice of hardware 
- Experience with electronics and sensors, including writing drivers for I2C, SPI, CAN and serial instruments 
- Knowledge of control systems and communications methods

- Experience with PCB design 
- Experience designing and tuning control systems 
- Experience with flight autopilots 
- Experience with GPS hardware and data 
- Experience with communication systems


$100K – $140K 
0.5% – 2.0%
Visa Sponsorship