Satellite Core Systems Lead at Spire
Glasgow, SC

Working on Spire’s satellite design offers Project Managers with a strong technical focus in embedded software or hardware design opportunities to design, build, and troubleshoot advanced systems that must operate in the harsh environment of low earth orbit. This role requires the ability to manage and work alongside a combined hardware and software development team as well as the cultivation of close working relationships with Spire’s manufacturing and logistics teams.

  • As the project manager of the Satellite Core Systems team, the successful candidate will participate in and take on the management of projects that include:

  • Core systems: Design and implement improvements to onboard power distribution, computation, OBDH, and payload integration to enhance functionality, usability, robustness, performance, and integrate new technology into the satellite bus. Satellite application platform:

  • Build frameworks for the automated execution of work on the satellite to meet customer requirements or changing operational needs. Qualification, integration, and test:

  • Develop automated systems and test hardware for validating system design and supporting integrated software and hardware testing.

Responsibilities of your role:

  • Provide the vision to guide a multidisciplinary team through complex design, development, and qualification projects.

  • Focus on personnel development to provide technical career path coaching for employees - promote, reallocate, and offboard employees to fit the business and personal goals of the team

  • Provide technical contributions to a wide range of design and implementation projects (based on candidate’s technical area(s) of expertise)

  • Triage on-orbit issues and delegate resolution to appropriate team members

  • Work closely with the satellite manufacturing team to introduce new systems and features into the satellites

  • Work closely with the payload teams to determine power/thermal/volume constraints prior to payload development, and develop/execute ICDs, integration and qualification plans for new payloads

  • Interface with system architects to develop then execute a roadmap for satellite development.

Qualifications / Experience:

  • Technical expertise working with embedded hardware or software

  • Proven track record of ensuring on-time delivery of hardware or software projects

  • Providing organization and efficiency to complex design and validation projects

  • Motivating personnel to continually push for higher quality and rapid iterations on designs/projects

  • Ensuring teams are properly resourced through hiring, training, reallocating, and offboarding team members as necessary

Strong candidates will possess skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Personnel/team development and management

  • Strong Systems Engineering experience

  • Satellite and/or critical system development experience

  • Extensive experience with C: interrupt handlers, concurrency, etc.

  • Strong Linux skills: extensive CLI/scripting familiarity, kernel mods, drivers, etc.

  • Experience with sensor integration over I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, etc.

  • Software Design with memory, processor, and real-time constraints

  • Embedded OS (FreeRTOS, Yocto Embedded Linux)

  • Scripting Familiarity: Python, Bash, etc.

  • Electronics theory, including component knowledge and analog and digital circuitry expertise

  • Board design (schematic capture, PCB layout)

  • Design for Manufacturing (SMD soldering, crimping, assembly)

  • Digital communication (I2C, SPI, CAN, UART, …)

  • Experience with qualification testing of new designs (mechanical, electrical, software)

  • Mechanical design principles, including failure analysis