Lead Front-End Engineer at RavenOps
San Francisco, CA, US

About RavenOps


Expectations for the next generation of drones, perceptive robots, and autonomous vehicles are high. Advanced autonomous systems need to get out of sterile environments and get into the chaotic real world, but be extremely reliable despite their increasing complexity.


To get there, companies like Cruise in self-driving cars, Skydio in drones, and Rethink in perceptual robotics are going to need entirely new software toolchains — event-driven data logging, warehousing of massive datasets, advanced visualization, specialized testing and deployment frameworks, and more.


We call it DevOps for Autonomy, and we believe it is going to be the next wave of big data.



The Opportunity


We are looking for a talented engineer to be the cornerstone of our front-end team. The right Front-End Engineer is excited by the challenge of presenting visually-intensive data, but also wants to work on a product that isn't just another part of the Ad Tech, Marketing Tech, or Sales Tech industries. 


This is a unique opportunity to ply your trade on open ground and to tackle new challenges. Not only will you be creating an enterprise front end the way you think it should be done, you'll be helping to define what a great system looks like for a whole new industry.

What You'll Do

    • Be the architect of a flexible front-end that can grow along with our featureset

    • Work along side our UI/UX Designer to implement the first generation of our interfaces

    • Load and display a range of complex robotics data structures in an efficient and extensible way

    • Determine the core technologies best suited to our mission of providing robust tools to roboticists

    • Lay the foundation for building a world-class front-end team


    • You're as comfortable writing plain JavaScript as working with modern frameworks like React. You've built your own controls and widgets in JavaScript, and you have built complex JS web applications.

    • You've built responsive web applications in the past. Building websites is great, but this position requires experience building responsive front-end applications with complex, real-time interactions.

    • You have experience in working with leading edge front-end tools, CSS pre/post-processors, build systems, module loaders, and dependency management.

    • Exceptional coding abilities, architecture, debugging, and performance/diagnostics measurement skills

    • B.S. or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related technical field

Not sure if this is you?


We are very interested in having a diverse team, with a broad set of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. If this seems like your dream job, but you're not sure if you qualify, please apply!