Linux System Administrator at Simbe
San Francisco, CA, US

You will be managing a network of hundreds of robots across the world -- think of servers -- but on wheels with a wifi connection instead of wired connection as well as workstations/desktops/laptops used by Simbe employees.


Primary Qualification


Experience administering Linux (or other Unix) networks -- preferably Ubuntu or other Debian-based distros.


Computer Networking


Building, managing and securing IP networks and VPNs

Setting up and managing network hardware (routers, switches, wifi access points, laying down CAT6)

Setting up DNS (e.g. dnsmasq) -- Bonus: zeroconf

Bonus: Experience with redundant out-of-band networking (primarily cellular)


Computer Security


Authentication: OAuth, Kerberos, OpenID, etc

Authorization: LDAP, Active Directory, etc

SSL/TLS- certificate management

Hardening of publicly accessible endpoints and databases

SSH and SSH key management

Wifi Network Security (WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise)

VPN (OpenVPN or anything comparable like Cisco VPN -- bonus for experience with hardware VPN)


Full Disk Encryption


Deploying and Managing Software Developer Infrastructure


Continuous Integration (Jenkins, TravisCI, etc)

Databases (preferably Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB, others like MariaDB/MySQL, Oracle, DB2, CouchDB also acceptable)

Webservers (apache, nginix, etc)

Cloud platforms (preferably Google Cloud Platform -- AWS, Azure, Rackspace also sufficient)

Git LFS servers




Experience working with unreliable networks

Experience working with robots

Experience working with the Robot Operating System (ROS)

Configuration management -(preferably Ansible -- Chef/Puppet/Salt acceptable)

User access controls: SELinux, AppArmor, etc

Universal Packages (preferably snaps+Ubuntu Core -- Flatpak or AppImage acceptable)

Custom Python package deployment

Docker, Kubernetes/container orchestration

Setting up blade server racks