Remote Front End Engineer at RavenOps
United States of America
About RavenOps
Advances in AI, inexpensive sensors, and growing computational power are finally making it possible for autonomous systems to operate out in the world. Self-driving cars to ease our commutes, delivery robots to reinvent local commerce, and construction robots to make building faster and safer... they're all coming.
Our mission is to foster a thriving ecosystem of hundreds of innovative robotics companies as they solve an array of important problems. To succeed, they are going to need access to the same quality of development tools and data infrastructure that made the web and mobile revolutions possible, but built to their needs. That's where Raven[Ops] comes in.
We are located in San Francisco and recently raised $3.5M from Accel.
The Opportunity
You will be reinventing the way roboticists and autonomy engineers interact with their systems, just as that market is set to grow exponentially. It will push you to learn far more than just another job working on ad, marketing, or sales tech.
There will be unique challenges around data visualization, user interaction, and keeping your designs flexible enough to support a wide range of autonomous systems that can differ greatly in behavior and types of sensor data. 
You will be joining early enough to see our products built from the ground up. As the company expands, you'll be the expert in how the front end works, what design decisions were made, and the reasoning behind them. Working collaboratively in a small, fast-growing startup is a great opportunity to nurture your skills and gain a breadth of experience. 


    • You have a strong foundational understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/ES6, and React. You have a basic knowledge of CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS or SASS. Learning and growing as a developer is important to you.
    • You're well versed in agile software development best practices, version control, and continuous deployment.
    • You have 1 or more years of front-end experience, and a B.S. or higher in computer science, software engineering, or a related technical field. 
Working Remotely
We believe that experienced, talented people can do great work from anywhere with a good internet connection. However, it's much harder to mentor at a distance, so we can only consider remote applicants who have spent 4 or more years developing software professionally. We're up for discussing any location, but have preferences for Seattle, Pittsburgh, Boston, and Toronto.
Not sure if this is you?
We are very interested in having a diverse team, with a broad set of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. If this seems like your dream job, but you're not sure if you qualify, please apply!